The insurance industry has come under increasing fire in recent years from cyberattacks. The reputational damage that comes with being a victim of a cyberattack is so harmful, and the price the clients are paying is so high. Thank you for this article.

Thank you for this important article. It is our job to change the stats and make sure the web is a safe place for everyone!

New technology drives business innovation and growth, but it also brings new risks, and cybercrime is developing as fast as the technologies it threatens. Globally, cybercrime is estimated to cost $400 billion a year, with a threat landscape in constant and rapid evolution. In contrast to what may have been the case in the past, insurance companies have now become much more of a focus for cyberattacks. In KPMG’s 2017 Global CEO Outlook survey, only 43% of CEOs questioned said their organization was fully prepared for a cyber event. …

Oldsmar, a tranquil city of 15,000 people in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, unexpectedly became the victim of a cyber-attack in early February this year. Hackers gained remote access to the city’s water treatment plant and increased the amount of sodium hydroxide to 100 times its normal level.

This caustic substance is used in extremely low concentrations to control drinking water acidity and remove metals but is also the main ingredient in drain cleaner. “This is dangerous stuff…you’re basically talking about lye” said Oldsmar’s Sheriff, Bob Gualtieri at a news conference shortly after the incident. …

In recent years the number of targeted cyber-attacks against oil and gas industry (O&G) has risen dramatically. Companies find themselves in the crosshairs of anonymous, hidden criminals, who plan and execute technological assaults. These attacks can cripple companies, interrupt supply, ruin reputations, and cause financial losses. Across the oil and gas industry, protection through cybersecurity has become more and more of a priority over the past decade for the oil and gas industry, to survive these attacks unscathed.

The O&G industry in particular is under constant assault from around the world with cybercriminals ready to deploy malware, phish, and destroy…

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